Saturday, November 21, 2009

heart wrenching story 2

MY SISTER'S KEEPER~its a very good story!! find it n enjoy it.. sob..sob..

Friday, November 20, 2009

when i am with Y.o.U...

when i am with you
i was a bird flying freely in the clear blue sky
when i am with you
i was the flower
opening up my petal of life
when i am with you
i was the waves of the ocean
crashing strongly against the shore
when i am with you
i was the rainbow after the storm
proudly showing my colours
and when i am with you
everything beautiful surrounds us
this is just a very small part of how wonderful i feel
when i am with you

i'm really trying to say so much more
than just those three little words
i'm trying to say that you mean more to me
than anyone else in the world
that i adore and cherish the time we spent together
i'm trying to tell you
that you are nicest
the best thing that ever happened to me
maybe the words "L.O.V.E" was invented to explain
all encompassing feeling that i have for you
but somehow it is not strong enough
since it is the best words that exist
let me tell you thousands times
more than love...

my best'EST' baby gurlfriends forever [BBGF]
since Wednesday, I'd tried to hold back my tears. this is the end of our journey in AIKOL and not the end of our friendship. we are on our new track now, ready to spread our wings for another journey. a journey that will add more spices in our life to make us a better person, a great human. even last night, i did not cry a single tear. i want to send my friends with a smile. so, i met them, shake hand, hug and kiss them goodbye and i walked away. i did not wait. i tried to be strong untill today... when i realised i can't hold it anymore. this morning, when i woke up, seeing my baby gurlfriends sleeping side by side, my heart ache inside. when i wrote something on their cards, i already cried and when they sent me back to my hostel, the tears just dont want to stop! i used to see them everyday. however, after this i dont know when will i meet them. maybe one month?2?3 or i year on our graduation day? and i already miss them now... :(

~yah@ mak abu [tq utk smua yg yah dh wat utk k.yu]
~zyla@popo [i'm going to miss ur talkative noise]
~ wawa@star [i'll remember ur fav song-keep holding on]
~ wankiz@yopo [jln elok2.nnti jatuh]

~~C.o.N.c.0.R.d.3 shah alam, 10th floor, ro0m 1010

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

just for today...

just for today
i will believe i'm special, an important person
i will love me as what i am
just for today
i will have a quiet half hour all by myself and relax
for some time, i will try to get a better perspective of my life
just for today
i will be unafraid to enjoy what is beautiful
and to believe that what I gave to the world, so the world will give to me
just for today
i will smile no matter how much i hurt inside
for maybe if i smile a little, my heart will soften and i will begin to heal
just for today
when my heart feel like breaking
i will stop and remember that grief is the price we pay for loving
and the only reason i hurt is because i had the privilage of loving so much
just for today
i will not compare myself with others
i am fortunate for who i am
just for today
i will invest my most valuable resources: my time
in the most transcendental work: my life
i will spent each minute passionately
to make today a different and unique day in my life
just for today
i will defy every obstacle that appears on my way
trusting that i will succeed
difficulties are a part of life and are born to be conquered
especially, just for today
allow myself to be happy, to enjoy what is beautiful
to love and to believe that those i love, love me
i will do things that make me happy: watch a funny movie
do somethings kind, send e-cards, listen to my favourite songs
just for today, i will be happy...

hari terakhir peperiksaan, dengan rasminya esok cik gnome bergelar pekebun anggur!!
tapi, esok pg2 kena attend court, ada meeting dgn chief judge for 2 days. and... malam esok graduation dinner..yay! tp dgn dukacitanya dimaklumkan tailor 2 dh rosakkan baju, xtau esok nak pakai baju apa.. sob..sob..sob.. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.. nk nanges.....


i'm addicted...

and i need help to overcome my addiction.. :(

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

i know where's my angel!!

I miss you; it’s all I have to say

You are missing; I thought it is best this way

Coz I hope you are at a better place, which is my prayer each day

But it kills me inside and I can’t fight this reliance

The harder I tried, amid the sick in a strange silence

Still I fell apart, feeling nonsense

I need you, to tell you what I feel

To hear you, and remember what is real

Though I know it’s impossible, I still fumble

The sound of your laughter that dazzled

I have so many things to tell

And the loneliness is too repel

Give me one more chance

But I need a magic wand

To sweep the misery away

And let the memories stay...

(^___^) my angel is up~up~high~in~the~sky
and I really miss my angel tonite.. :'(

current mood: empty + xde mood nak study...
p/s i luv u: untuk dia, Al-Fatihah.. please be my guardian angel forever...
cross refer 2 entry 0ct 2008- lafazkan sebelum terlewat

Sunday, November 8, 2009

where's my angel..

cik gnome is almost vomiting simplifying her 700 slides notes since morning and she really thinks that she needs her angel right now.. :(

Saturday, November 7, 2009

jalan2 jelajah KL

(^__^) After exam tadi saya dan kawan2 decide nak kuar amek angin hilangkan stress! Hahaha (i.e shopping ler..) dari dalam kampus, naik bas, turun kat Pertama, kitorang menapak sepanjang jalan TAR memborong tudung, (wawa borong makanan! :P) sampai la ke CM. setelah hampir 5 tahun menjadi warga kuala lumpur, baru tadi buat kali pertamanya saya menjejakkan kaki ke central market. Kesian kan? So, saje je la jalan2. Cuci mata, tengok barang.. kitorang gi masuk satu kedai terompah, tengok memang cantik, pakai pun selesa, tapi harga dia..mak datuk... dapat tengok je la. Hahaahah.. nasib baik tengah pokai. Tapi saya rasa, even ada duit pun may be saya xkan beli kot terompah tu.kalau ada extra extra, mungkin akan dipertimbangkan (tapi naluri saya mengatakan memang tak timbang dah.. beli je. Hahahah..)

Pastu gi pusing2, jumpa plak kedai beg.. Actually dari jauh lagi saya dah nampak beg yang saya minat. Memang dah lama cari clutch tu. Tengok price dia memangla sangat2 affordable if nak compare dengan kedai2 yang selalu saya tengok. Geram sangat sebab kalu ikutkan hati memang nak beli je tapi memandangkan saya dah aim nak beli benda lain, so terpaksa pejam mata. But at least, yopo beli clutch kat kedai tu.. cantik.. blink2 lagi! Last2, saya dengan wawa dok pakat beli kipas tangan, blink2! Hahahah.. RM5 sudah.. dengan bangle. (^__^). Dah puas hati, kitorang menapak balik ke sogo. Makan2 pastu round sogo plak.

Waktu menulis entry ni, saya seolah-olah sedang berada di awangan.mata pun nampak tak nampak, pejam tak pejam, celik tak celik. Dah macam burung belatuk. Sebelum tangan ni, menaip sendiri and merapu, selamat tidur ya!

p/s i luv u: teringat plak masa wat cp! :P hari tu penat sangat, balik keje terus kena siapkan cp sbb esoknya nak compile, xsedar plak saya tertidur masa menaip tu.yang pasti esoknya farah dok gelakkan saya sebab file yang saya bagi tu saya merapu pasal shopping raya! Nasib baik xbanyak. Kalau x, xpasal2 kena wat balik. (^__^)

oopSsS, saya tetap pulang dengan sepsang kasut! :P

Thursday, November 5, 2009

heart wrenching story...

When 6-year-old Elena Desserich was diagnosed with brain cancer, she began hiding hundreds of little love notes around the house for her parents to find after she was gone. Here’s the story:

Just before her sixth birthday, Elena Desserich (right) was diagnosed with brain cancer and given 135 days to live. She lived 255 days, passing away in 2007. After her death, Elena’s parents, Brooke and Keith, found hundreds of notes from Elena hidden around the house — in between CD cases, between bookshelves, in dresser drawers, in backpacks….

"It just felt like a little hug from her, like she was telling us she was looking over us"

Elena left hundreds of notes like these:

Ah, this broke my heart, but the story is too touching not to share. Excuse me while I, erhm, dry my eyes. Got dust in ‘em or something.

for more stories and notes that she left, feel free to visit

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

SECEBIS CAHAYA.. (6_____6)


hey peeps, i know right now saya sepatutnya sedang mentelaah subjek jurisprudence but i'm so happy tonight.. too happy to study.. in fact REALLY2 happy. (^___^)

beberapa bulan lepas saya ada menerima sms dari seseorang. he introduced himself and said that he wanted to be my friend. so i asked him, where did he get my phone number. he said a friend of mine gave it to him. so, i said fine. he asked several questions and i replied. then he asked me if i'm willing to meet him and i said no. he replied again and saya xtau apa yang dia fikir masa 2, marah ke, apa. tapi yang saya ingat, dia suruh saya delete number dia, and dia mintak maaf sebab dia ambil masa saya, anggap apa yang terjadi xpernah terjadi, lupakan dia pernah contact saya. alasan dia sebab saya xnak jumpa dia. punya la pelik saya masa tu.. datang macam angin, hilang pun macam angin.. i asked my mom, is it my fault and my mom asked me 2 apologise, so that was what i did. but he said, that was the end of the story.. so, fine la.

suddenly, tadi saya dapat sms dari dia. dia tnya, saya kenal dia lg x. of coz la kenal.. (kite cpt igt bnda2 pelik2 kn? :P). dia mintak maaf sebab lama xsms sy.. erm, saya plak yang kompius. termenung jugak la 5minit. salah baca ke. xlama pastu he called. masa dia bg salam, saya terkejut sebab sepanjang pengetahuan saya nama dia ryan and he's not muslim tp xkan nak tnya.. so, diam je la..actually dia la yang lebih banyak bercakap, explaining nape dia wat mcm 2 kat saya dulu, citer pasal life dia. saya lebih selesa mendengar and jadi tukang gelak.

yang membuatkan saya happy, bukan sebab dia call or whatsoever tapi bila dia bgtau yang dia dah seminggu memeluk agama Islam.. happy sangat sampai termenjerit.hahahah.. xpasal2 kena tegur dgn dia. i like his new name. MOHD HAIQAL RIEZMANSHAH B ABDULLAH. so sweet. dia bercerita tentang pengalaman dia and he said dia bosan belajar dengan ustaz sebab ustaz garang. tergelak jugak la. xlama pun kitorg bersembang sebab dia pun rest jap je.dia tgh keje masa 2. dia mintak saya doakan kesejahteraan dia, doakan dia kuat iman.. terharu sgt. at least dia memilih saya untuk turut sama berkongsi kebahagiaan dia.

Allah Maha Berkuasa. Hidayah-Nya tidak mengenal sesiapa.. hanya yang bertuah dapat memilikinya. sedangkan ramai diantara kita yang Islam hanya pada nama. dia meminta saya membantunya. apa yang mampu saya katakan padanya, iman saya juga masih belum sempurna, saya juga masih belajar tapi insyaAllah saya akan cuba membantu sekadar yang termampu. dia juga boleh membantu saya, sama2 boleh belajar. semoga kami sama-sama dapat memperbaiki diri masing2. jadi dia juga perlu mendoakan saya. setiap kali dia menyebut InsyaAllah, Alhamdulillah, entah kenapa saya sangat gembira dan terharu. semoga iman kita semua terpelihara.. amin.. doakan haiqal, supaya dia terus berada di dalam cahaya dan doakan saya juga.. THANX HAIQAL..

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

s.e.B.u & $.3.b.A.l

jangan salahkan aku
andai aku tidak merindu
usah membenci
jikalau hati tak sudi
jangan bersumpah setia
andai tak mampu menyinta
ceritera kita sekadar ini saja
namun tiada dendam sekadar luka
andai itu takdirnya...

aku bukan puteri yang minta dipuja
bukan juga bidadari yang minta dikagumi
aku hanya aku
insan biasa tak punya apa
tidak ku minta harta berjuta
melainkan secebis kasih cuma

pada yang tidak mengerti
jangan mengadili
berhenti menghakimi
biar perit ini ku tanggung sendiri
aku tidak sepi
kerna masih ada yang menyayangi

sekali lagi dugaan datang menimpa. entah kenapa kisah lama diungkit semula. sedangkan saya kini bahagia meniti hari-hari yang ada. kenapa agaknya orang selalu membuat spekulasi sendiri tanpa usul periksa, tanpa mengetahui duduk perkara sebenar? tidak salah jika bertanya, saya boleh terangkan. xperlu menghina kerana saya juga punya perasaan. saya yang melaluinya, saya lebih mengerti. saya rasa saya berhak tentukan jalan hidup saya sendiri. namun, andai dalam membuat pilihan, ada hati yang terluka, ada hati yang kecewa, sejuta maaf juga yang saya pinta...


dear you,

Remember when we were sitting
In that old trees house of yours
And you said to me
“Doesn’t it scare you, that we mean nothing to this world
That we could just as well not be here and no one would notice”
I replied saying “you may think that you mean nothing to this world
But you mean the world to me” you smiled that smile at me
That smile that melts my heart. Do you remember, because I still do

Remember when you thought I was asleep on your shoulder
And you whispered in my ear, “You know they say
If you say a word enough times, it loses its meaning
Every night I fall asleep saying worthless, hopeless, nobody, nothing”
I think that was the day I swore never to hurt you

Remember all those nights when I would fall asleep
With my head on your chest, trying to get my breathing
To synchronise with the rise and fall of your chest
And when eventually I did, it felt as if we were no longer
Two separate bodies, but one body, one heart, together

Every letter you wrote me, every eight letter note
Written on scrap paper, with a heart doodled on the corner
I kept. All in a box under my bed, and whenever you were not here
To tell me yourself, I constantly reassured myself that you did miss me
As much as I missed you, your heart did ache
As much as mine did, and if I looked at all your note books
They’d be covered in my name, just the way mine were covered in yours


by: krish-x

i found this masterpiece from the internet secara xsengaja. i really love it. so sweet..


detik ini, saya memang tgh bengang tahap gaban, dewata raya whatsoever! my notes hilang.. dari petang tadi sampai la 10minit yang lepas saya cari, memang xjumpa. satu keje plak nak mengemas balik bilik yang dah bersepah ni and satu keje plak nak wat nota 2 balik.. bukan senang. yang ilang 2 pun makan masa 3 ari nak siapkan. dlm keadaan tersedak dan terdesak ni plak dia nak ilang.. tanya kwn2 pun xder yg terambil.. hangin dh satu badan ni. dh leh jadi belon udara agaknya. nak mencari je pun dh makan masa. klu x dh blh guna waktu 2 untuk wat benda lain.. nk stdy mlm ni pon dh xder mood...

i'm going insane
my heart is in pain
i feel the temperature rise
but can i maintain?

cont: 5.56 am

sejak dari kul 4 td mata xleh nak lelap.. dok terbayang2 notes yang hilang. dh cari utk yg kelapan kali tp still xjumpa.. nak menagis pun air mata xleh nak kuar. tapi hati kt dalam ni dh rasa mcm nak pecah. klu ada notes lain blh thn lagi. ni memang xder terus. nak pinjam nota org lain, bkn semua nota saya faham. mestila lg selesa dgn nota sendiri. lagipun kt dlm 2 dh ada additional notes yg lect soh cari. nak cari balik dlm tenet ni memang la seksa. tp saya dh x nmpak cara lain..klu dah terpaksa. kena jugak la cari tp hopefully sempat..

Ya Rabbi, tenangkan hatiku...

Monday, November 2, 2009

my FINAL exam...

saat dan ketika ini saya sedang berada di library. baru lepas baca articles dan sekarang sangat tension dan pening kepala. my exams will be starting thsi wednesday.. jadual exam plak dah berubah. admin tukar ntah kali yang ke berapa pon xtaw la. so, plan asal dh lari, n kena wat plan baru. cuak nya Tuhan je la yang tau sebab ada papers yang xder gap. dh la paper 2 leh dikatakan membunuh jugak la.. so, jom gantung diri ramai2. :(

wed 4/11- 2.30 pm: professional practice II
fri /11- 9 am: jurisprudence II
thu 12/11-9 am: civil procedure II
sat 14/11- 9 am: pil II
sun 15/11- 9 am: evidence II
wed 18/11- 9 am: criminal procedure II

19-20/11- i need to attend court at jalan duta.

pastu la baru merdeka agaknya.. :(

my weekend..

It has been 3 or 4 days since I wrote my last entry in this blog. Actually, I’m not staying in the hostel for the past few days because I went to Kuala Selangor to meet my godmother. (Yeah, I know I’m supposed to be in Kedah for koyya’s wedding or in Malacca visiting Ikin with her new baby boy. There were changes in my plan since I have appointment with my tailor. There was no other suitable time to meet him considering that my exam will be started this week. Plus there was no electricity in my hostel for two days. I need to go somewhere I’m comfortable with and I don’t know how to go to Kedah alone. The original plan was that I want to stay at Sentul with my friends but when my friend’s mom called, she invited me to their house coz it has been quite some time since the last time I went there). I’m really2 and truly sorry for that darls...

Ni pun baru je balik dari sana sebenarnya. Best sangat sebab dapat main dgn Faris. Even dia x berapa pandai nak bercakap lagi at least dia dah leh sebut ‘ACIK” dengan betul. :P walaupun mula-mula dia still lagi malu2 sebab dah lama xjumpa tp nasib baik pagi td dia dah ok dgn saya. Siap leh main air lagi masa tolong Awa basuh kete dia.. Actually saya dengan Faris tolong menyemak je. Heheehe.. tapi merasa jugak la saya tangan si kecik 2. Dapat pelempang sekali masa dia tengah mengamuk sebab x dapat main air.. (kena marah!!) heheh.. memandangkan dia masih lagi tidur,so xdpt la kiss goodbye. Seronok tengok gelagat dia sebab dia suka bersilat! Hahaha.. Aktif sangat2. Mulut pun aktif. paling lawak bila kak Noli citer dia kurung nenek dia dalam reban ayam!

Erm, tapi yang sedihnya, saya xdapat pegi tengok kunang2 L.. teringin sangat nak g lagi tapi Awa xtau jalan. Last time masa kitorang gi tengok kunang2 tu, Asrul yang bawakkan. Cantik sangat tempat tu. Macam dalam citer fairy tales!! Saya berharap sangat dapat gi tengok lain kali.. InsyaAllah..

OWHH! (^__^) Remember I told u I’d a hearing last Friday? I’m happily announced that my co-counsel and I had won the case! Yyayyyy!!! Both of us were really happy and the most important thing was that, though it should be an individual assessment, but our beloved Pak Abu decided to give equal marks 2 our group. So, even if counsels for defendant lose the case, I’m happy because their marks will not be affected as the four of us has done our best for the case. Let’s hope that Pak Abu is willing to add up some more marks for the exhibits.

Ok darls.. time to have some rest. Nak mimpi kunang2 malam ni.. (^___^).

p/s i luv u: bila tengok si faris terkedek-kedek berjalan, tetiba rinduu sangat2 kat zulika, alia dengan qistina... :(